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Onsite Planning Meeting

Onsite meetings are all about exchange of information and ideas, exploring design options and explaining regulation.

For us, we obtain an appreciation of what your plans are and what you want, so we can design your wastewater facility accordingly.

During this meeting (about an hour) we conduct soil testing and environmental assessments so that we can literally create design options for your wastewater facility for you, on the spot.

We will design whatever you want provided it complies with the regulations for Council Approval.

Effluent Disposal Designs

With over 30 years of design experience we have researched,  developed and tested literally hundreds of different design concepts.  Our investigations and creative approach has resulted in the development of several new Effluent Disposal Designs that are unique to our company and accepted by all Local Authorities in SEQ.

Our focus has been on achieving robust yet inexpensive designs that meet the guidelines of the Australian Standards, Qld Plumbing and Wastewater Code and Local Authority Regulations.


The end game has always been to give our clients the best possible opportunity to achieve the best possible outcome.

Treatment System Information

All wastewater treatment systems operate on a bacteriological process that follows the natural process utilised in nature to recycle waste and purify water.

However, not all systems are the same, some have greater capacity than others, different processes, different configurations, and some are more environmentally friendly and safer.  It is extremely important that the right system is designed to fit your budget and future plans.  Do it once do it right.

Because we are totally independent and don't sell these systems, we can identify the best ones for your application and advise which ones to research, as some have much better reputations.


Onsite Planning Meeting

Failing Septics

Passive System Design

There are several new Australian Standards, Plumbing Codes and Environmental Standards that must be complied with before onsite wastewater disposal will be approved by your Local Authority.  These regulation came into effect 1st July 2019 and have provisions to fine homeowners.

Because these regulations can over-ride everything else you do onsite it is extremely important to conduct an Onsite Planning Meeting to ensure your proposed plans allow suitable areas for Onsite Effluent Disposal before you commit to having plans drawn. 

If you would like more information Sandra can explain how these regulations may affect your planned development.   54 947 620.   FREE INFORMATION GUIDE AVAILABLE.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Regulations, Standards and Codes


When Things Go Wrong

Effluent Disposal Design

Treatment System Info