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Passive System Designs

There are now really good Passive Systems available for both residential and commercial applications.

Soil types and site constraints are factors that need close consideration and special soil testing is required.

These systems usually require no electricity or servicing making them inexpensive to operate and achieving a very high effluent quality further reduces the environmental impact.

During the Onsite Planning Meeting we explain how these systems work and do preliminary soil testing to determine if further deeper testing is warranted.

Failing Systems

Many of the older Wastewater Treatment Systems and Septic Systems have passed their use by date, no longer comply with regulations and can be a serious health hazard for family and pets.

These systems can now be converted to new technologies eliminating odours and health risks and in many cases we can incorporate existing infrastructure to reduce costs.

We do lots of Septic Conversion Designs and our focus will always be to design solutions for our clients in a manner that is practical and cost sensitive. 

Sub-Division Assessments

A sub-division or boundary realignment application must be supported by a wastewater assessment confirming that all proposed new lots are suitable for Onsite Wastewater Disposal.

When the lots are sold the new owner must then have a site specific Effluent Disposal Report done for their property which forms part of the building application.

If you are considering a sub-division then we can arrange an Onsite Planning Meeting to help you with the process and put you in contact with surveyors etc.


Industry Information

If your organisation is active in the rural residential sector where onsite wastewater disposal is required, we are happy to provide you with Wastewater Industry Training to help you understand the Standards, Codes and Local Authority Regulations.


Our objective, yes, is to development partnerships where we can provide professional wastewater design services for your clients in return for training and support that will make you and your staff more knowledgeable when answering your clients wastewater disposal questions. 


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